Whats is it?

What is the Trompos Planeta?

Trompos Planeta is the name brand of the modern day Spin Top which has been re-designed and manufactured in South America creating a worldwide craze of this new and exciting sport. Kids are too tied up in their electronic devices these days and are not getting enough physical exercise due to this. The Trompos Planeta range allows kids to experiment, play and learn new and amazing skills with this new Modern Day Spinner!

Not only that, but it is one of the few many sports that both child and adult can enjoy on an equal platform. No special equipment or skill are required. Just open, Prepare and Spin! No batteries required!

How it works!

Using the simple factor of Kinetic Energy, the Trompos Planeta is simply a device that is wound around by a piece of string which is attached to your index finger and then spun using wrist action allowing the momentum to create a spinning motion. The Trompos Planeta runs on a quality ball raced bottom spike which allows friction free spinning for longer and further spinning times… The skill comes with what you can do with it whilst its spinning!

Watch the video below for a demonstration on how the Trompos Planeta can be used!

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